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You can change how GDevelop looks and acts to your liking.

Opening Preferences

On the web app: Projects manager → Preferences

On the desktop version: Files → Preferences

The inference would look like this,

Changing the theme

Themes allow you to change how the interface looks

UI theme changes the UI's look

Code editor theme changes the look of the code editor in the JavaScript code block

There are multiple themes you can choose from. You can also create your own themes! See, how you can make one

Changing backdrop click behaviour

This allows you to choose what will happen when the backdrop (The faded part outside a window) is clicked.

If No changes is selected, clicking the backdrop won't close the window

If Cancel changes is selected, the changes done in the current window will be abandoned (Only happens in some windows)

If Apply changes(Default) is selected, the changes done in the current window will be applied(Only happens in some windows)

Hints and Explanations

GDevelop shows some hints/explanations for some features in the UI. You can toggle them off if you don't want them to be shown.

Example of an hint/explanation:

Keyboard shortcuts

There is a separate page discussing about keyboard shortcuts and the command palette

See, command palette and shortcuts

Changing Language

You can choose what language the interface should use.

Go to the Start Page

You can choose from the options of languages from the list.

Some language might not be fully supported, you can see the estimate of how much has been translated.

You can help translate GDevelop to your language and report any mistakes. It would be much appreciated.