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Point and Orbit

Point and orbit an object toward a position or angle.

Authors and contributors to this community extension: VegeTato, VictrisGames.


This is an extension made by a community member — but not reviewed by the GDevelop extension team. As such, we can't guarantee it meets all the quality standards of official extensions. In case of doubt, contact the author to know more about what the extension does or inspect its content before using it.

Move an object in a circle around a specific point while pointing the moving object away from the center of the circle. This feature is useful in games for weapons or targeting indicators that move around a player character. Orbit distance and rotation speed can be changed easily.

The target position action can be used to follow the direction of the cursor. The target angle action can be used to follow hte direction of a gamepad stick



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Point and Orbit toward a position
Point and Orbit an object toward a position.

Point and Orbit toward an angle
Point and Orbit an object toward an angle.

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