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Actions and conditions to manipulate the scenes during the game.


Stop and go back to previous scene
Stop this scene and go back to the previous paused one.
To pause a scene, use the "Pause and start a new scene" action.

Pause and start a new scene
Pause this scene and start the specified one.
Later, you can use the "Stop and go back to previous scene" action to go back to this scene.

Quit the game
Quit the game

Change the scene
Stop this scene and start the specified one instead.

Background color
Change the background color of the scene.


At the beginning of the scene
Is true only when scene just begins.

Does scene exist
Check if scene exists.

Game has just resumed
Check if the game has just resumed from being hidden. It happens when the game tab is selected, a minimized window is restored or the application is put back on front.

Scene just resumed
The scene has just resumed after being paused.


Expression Description
CurrentSceneName() Name of the current scene

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