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Buttons are an essential part of many games: they are used in menus, in the game and can be part of the gameplay. Buttons can be constructed in different ways in GDevelop. You can build your own with a mix of Sprite, Tiled Sprite, Shape Painter and Text objects. Often, it's easier to go with a ready-to-use button available in the Asset Store.

Add a button from the Asset Store to a game

The Buttons asset pack from the Asset Store contains free and read-to-use buttons.

Advanced: create a button from scratch

When creating a button from scratch, 3 images are usually needed, one for each state of the button:

  • Idle
  • Hovered
  • Pressed

The object automatically shows the right image according to taps on a touchscreen or the mouse cursor.


The same image can be used for the 3 states. The button won't be animated but it will still work.

Handle clicks or taps on the button

Button clicks/taps can be checked with a condition in events:

Other conditions can be used to check the button state. For instance, it allows to apply an effect to make a button appear brighter when it's pressed.