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Newgrounds API

Allows developers to use newgrounds API.

Authors and contributors to this community extension: planktonfun.


This is an extension made by a community member — but not reviewed by the GDevelop extension team. As such, we can't guarantee it meets all the quality standards of official extensions. In case of doubt, contact the author to know more about what the extension does or inspect its content before using it.

Allows developers to use newgrounds API for their games

Limitations: only works with browser games.


Conditions: - UserIsLoggedIn


  • LoadNewgroundsAPI
  • PostScoreOnScoreBoard
  • UnlockMedal
  • LogInToNewGrounds
  • LogOutFromNewGrounds


  • RetrievePlayerName
  • RetrieveDateTime
  • RetrieveVersion
  • RetrieveMedalList
  • RetrieveScoreBoardList
  • RetrieveScoreOnScoreBoard

Example link.



Learn how to install new extensions by following a step-by-step guide.


Load Newgrounds API
Load Newgrounds API.

Login to Newgrounds
Login to Newgrounds (A webpage popup will display).

Logout from Newgrounds
Logout from Newgrounds.

Post Score on Newgrounds
Post Score on Newgrounds (you can create scoreboards from the game edit page on newgrounds).

Unlock a game Medal
Unlock a game Medal (you can create medals from the game edit page on newgrounds).


User Is logged In?
User Is logged In?.


Expression Description
NewgroundsAPI::RetrieveApiDateTime() Get Newgrounds API Date Time.
NewgroundsAPI::RetrieveApiVersion() Get Newgrounds API Version.
NewgroundsAPI::RetrieveMedalList() Get Newgrounds Medal List.
NewgroundsAPI::RetrievePlayerName() Get Newgrounds Player Name.
NewgroundsAPI::RetrieveScoreBoardList() Get Newgrounds Score Board List.

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