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Health points and damage

Manage health points and damage, including a protective shield and armor.

Authors and contributors to this community extension: 4ian, Mixen, VictrisGames.

Manage health points including a protective shield and armor. Health can be assigned to players, enemies, NPCs, or even inanimate objects such as breaking doors and mining rocks.

Damage calculations are performed in this order:

Incoming Damage -> Is Damage Cooldown active? -> Chance to Dodge -> Flat Damage Reduction -> Percent Damage Reduction -> Damage to Shield -> Damage to Health

How to use:

  • Set desired values in behavior properties
  • To apply damage use “Apply damage to an object”
  • To heal health, use “Heal object” action
  • To activate the shield, use “Activate shield” action
  • Health and shield regeneration will happen automatically based on properties


  • While damage cooldown is active, no damage will be applied to health or shield (the object is invincible)
  • Try using the “Blink” extension while damage cooldown is active
  • Use the “Is just damaged” or "Is just healed" conditions to trigger sound and visual effects

Health properties:

  • Starting health points
  • Maximum health points. Use "0" for no maximum
  • Damage cooldown (seconds) Use "0" for no cooldown
  • Rate of health regeneration (points per second)
  • Delay before health regeneration starts after being hit (seconds)
  • Allow heals to increase health above max health (regen will never exceed max health)

Shield properties:

  • Max shield points. Use "0" for no maximum
  • Duration of shield (seconds) Use "0" to make shield permanent
  • Rate of shield regeneration (points per second)
  • Delay before shield regeneration starts after being hit (seconds)
  • Block excess damage when shield is broken (yes/no)

The top-down RPG example uses this extension (open the project online).


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