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Console (commands handler for Text Entry objects)

A console behavior that allows parsing simple commands inputed via a Text Entry object.

Authors and contributors to this community extension: arthuro555.

A behavior that makes a Text Entry behave like a console. Whenever Return is pressed, the Text Entry is cleared and the entered text parsed, and the first word is stored as the command name, and the rest as arguments. Each word is one argument, and you can get them with the expression GetArg. When a command is triggered, it triggers the condition bound to this command. Example:
If you have entered hello foo bar and Return, then the condition Entered command "hello" will trigger, Object::Console.GetArg(0) will return "foo", and Object::Console.GetArg(1) will return "bar".


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Text entry console

A behavior that will parse any command endered via a text entry.

Behavior conditions

A command has been entered
Triggers when a specific command has been entered.

Behavior expressions

Expression Description
Object.TextEntryConsole::GetArg(number) Get an argument from the last entered command.
🔢 Number Index of the argument

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