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Advanced Projectile

Control how a projectile moves including speed, acceleration, distance, and lifetime.


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Tutorial video

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Game example

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Simulate a rocket

A rocket can be simulated with:

  • Starting speed of 0
  • Positive acceleration


Max speed may also be defined to prevent the projectile from going too fast.

Simulate a thrown weapon

A thrown weapon, such as a hand grenade, can be simulated with:

  • High starting speed
  • Negative acceleration (object will slow down and stop)
  • Non-zero lifetime (object will be automatically deleted)

Control direction of movement

There are 2 ways to set the direction a projectile will move:

  • When the projectile is not moving, it will accelerate towards the direction (angle) it is facing.
  • When the projectile is moving, it will accelerate in the direction it is moving (according to forces).

This enables projectiles to move correctly, even if they are not rotated toward the direction of movement.