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Panel sprite button

A button that can be customized.

Authors and contributors to this community extension: D8H.

The button can be customized with a background for each state and a label. It handles user interactions and a simple condition can be used to check if it is clicked.

There are ready-to-use buttons in the asset-store menu buttons pack.



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Button (panel sprite)

A button that can be customized.

Object actions

De/activate interactions
De/activate interactions with the button.

Label text
Change the text of the button label.

Object conditions

Interactions activated
Check if interactions are activated on the button.

Is clicked
Check if the button was just clicked.

Is focused
Check if the button is either hovered or pressed but not hovered.

Is hovered
Check if the cursor is hovered over the button.

Is idle
Check if the button is not used.

Is pressed
Check if the button is currently being pressed with mouse or touch.

Object expressions

Expression Description
Object.LabelText() Return the label text.

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