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Timers and time Reference

Actions and conditions to run timers, get the current time or modify the time scale (speed at which the game is running - useful for slow motion effects). Read more explanations about it.


Time scale
Change the time scale of the scene.

Pause a scene timer
Pause a scene timer.

Delete a scene timer
Delete a scene timer from memory.

Start (or reset) a scene timer
Reset the specified scene timer, if the timer doesn't exist it's created and started.

Unpause a scene timer
Unpause a scene timer.

Wait X seconds
Waits a number of seconds before running the next actions (and sub-events).


Value of a scene timer
Compare the elapsed time of a scene timer. This condition doesn't start the timer.

Time scale
Compare the time scale of the scene.

Scene timer paused
Test if the specified scene timer is paused.


Expression Description
Time(string) Current time
🔤 String Hour: hour - Minutes: min - Seconds: sec - Day of month: mday - Months since January: mon - Year since 1900: year - Days since Sunday: wday - Days since Jan 1st: yday - Timestamp (ms): timestamp"
TimeDelta() Time elapsed since the last frame rendered on screen
TimeFromStart() Time elapsed since the beginning of the scene
TimeScale() Returns the time scale of the scene.
TimerElapsedTime(string) Value of a scene timer
🔤 Name (String) Timer's name

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