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Multitouch joystick and buttons (deprecated)

Activate a joystick or buttons that can be controlled by interacting with a touchscreen.

Authors and contributors to this community extension: VictrisGames, AstroCookie, xellix.


This is an extension made by a community member — but not reviewed by the GDevelop extension team. As such, we can't guarantee it meets all the quality standards of official extensions. In case of doubt, contact the author to know more about what the extension does or inspect its content before using it.

Users can interact with the multitouch joystick to specify angle and force values. These values can be used to control other objects in the scene such as movement and rotation, such as for twin-stick shooter games.

Mulitouch buttons can be used whenever a game allows the user to press multiple locations at once.

This extension is deprecated. Please install the new extension with the same name and remove this one after replacing the actions, conditions and expressions in your project.

How to use:

  • Add the joystick behavior to a sprite that will be the joystick
  • Place the joystick object on the scene
  • Run the "Activate joystick" action on every frame and specify the thumb object
  • The joystick thumb object will automatically be created and moved


  • Use "Simulate a touch" functions to provide mouse and gamepad controls
  • More than one joystick or button can be used at the same time
  • Joystick and thumb objects should have all sides the same length
  • Thumb object must be smaller than the joystick object



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