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GDevelop Credits

GDevelop Credits is an in-app currency that gives you access to premium features and services inside the GDevelop ecosystem. For now, they are mostly useful to buy Marketing and Promotion packages in the GDevelop ecosystem and will later allow to purchase assets, cloud builds and other online services.

Credits can be purchased and utilized on any platform, whether on the web, desktop, or mobile devices. When credits are acquired, or won (by participating to a game jam, unlocking an achievement or other specific actions in the community), they are tied to your GDevelop account. Your account serves as a centralized hub for managing and tracking your credit balance.

GDevelop Credits

GDevelop Credits Packages

Current Features

Marketing (Promotion) Package

Credits can be utilized to purchase a Marketing Package for your game. These packages include:

  • Increased Visibility on Boost the visibility of your game on GDevelop's game platform, reaching a wider audience of dozens of thousands of players.
  • Social Network Boost: Leverage social media promotion made by GDevelop to enhance your game's online presence.
  • Dedicated Banner on the app: Show a dedicated promotional banner within the GDevelop app, attracting the attention from hundreds of thousands of players.

You can learn more about the Marketing and Promotional Packages here.

Future Access Unlocked with Credits

As the GDevelop ecosystem continues to evolve, more perks will be accessible using credits. Some of these features may include:

  • Cloud Builds. Using credits to acquire additional cloud builds, in order to iterate faster when approaching the final stages of your game development process.
  • Cloud Projects. Adding additional cloud projects to your account, allowing you to store more projects in the cloud.
  • Leaderboards. Enhancing the competitive & multiplayer aspect of your games by adding additional leaderboards to your games, fostering engagement among players.
  • Asset Store Purchases. Making purchases on GDevelop's asset store with credits. Access a variety of assets & pre-made game templates to enrich your game development projects.