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GDevelop Marketing Campaigns

GDevelop Marketing Campaigns are packages designed to improve the visibility of your game within the GDevelop community and beyond. Whether you're gearing up for a game launch, seeking valuable feedback, or simply looking to increase your game's exposure, these packages offer tailored solutions to meet your promotional needs.

Why Use a Marketing Campaign?

Marketing Campaigns are particularly beneficial during crucial phases of game development, such as:

  • Pre-Launch: Build anticipation and gather feedback before your game is officially published.
  • Wishlist Building: Encourage users to add your game to their wishlists (notably on Steam), boosting its potential success upon release.
  • Visibility Enhancement: Increase your game's overall visibility and attract a broader audience.

How to Get a Marketing Campaign?

Marketing Campaigns can be purchased inside GDevelop, using GDevelop Credits.

  1. Head down to your Games Dashboard
  2. Pick the game you want to promote
  3. Click on the "Marketing & Ads" tab to explore the available packages.

Learn more about GDevelop Credits here.

Available Packages

Marketing Campaigns

  1. Basic Package
  • Featuring on Your game will be showcased on GDevelop's game platform for 7 days, generating increased views and feedback. You can extend the featuring period by purchasing an additional package.
  • Ideal for: Developers looking to gather initial feedback, increase visibility, and engage with the GDevelop community.
  1. Pro Package
  • Social Networks and Newsletter Promotion: your game will be promoted across GDevelop's social media channels and newsletters, reaching thousands of players.
  • Ideal for: Developers seeking a broader audience, social media exposure, and increased visibility within the GDevelop community.
  1. Premium Package
  • Dedicated Banner Inside GDevelop App: Your game will have a dedicated promotional banner within the GDevelop app, visible by hundreds of thousands of game creators and players.
  • Ideal for: Developers aiming for maximum visibility, increased downloads, and a prominent presence within the GDevelop platform.