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Swipe Gesture

Detect swipe gestures based on their distance and duration.

Authors and contributors to this community extension: E1e5en, VictrisGames.

Use the "Enable swipe detection" action at the beginning of your scene.

Note: This extension does NOT support multitouch.


  • StartX, StartY: Position where the swipe started
  • EndX, EndY: Position where the swipe ended
  • Distance: Length of the swipe, in pixels
  • DistanceX, DistanceY: Distance the swipe moved in each axis
  • Angle: Direction the swipe moved towards. Range (-180, 180)
  • Layer: Layer used to detect swipe gestures


  • Is swipe detection enabled
  • Is swipe in progress? - A swipe starts when the mouse click or touch begins
  • Has swipe just ended? - When the mouse or touch is released, this condition is true for one frame
  • Swipe moved in a direction (4-way movement) - the direction value for 4 sides (UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT). In this case, the “circle” is divided into 4 segments of 90 degrees
  • Swipe moved in a direction (8-way movement) - the direction value for 8 sides (UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, UP-LEFT, UP-RIGHT, DOWN-LEFT, DOWN-RIGHT). In this case, the “circle” is divided into 8 segments of 45 degrees.


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