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1. Getting Started 2. Ship and Movement Controls 3. Firing Mechanic 4. Setting Scene 5. Splitting Asteroids 6. Screen Wrap 7. Fail State 8. End Result ## Descargar material gráfico (llamado también arte)

El material gráfico (arte) utilizado en este ejemplo es de

Descargue el arte y familiarícese con lo que contiene el paquete.

Open a blank game project in GDevelop

When you open the engine, you'll see this screen. Click on the button that has been highlighted in red.

Name project

Give your project a name, and click on the create project button.


Add a scene

Add a scene by pressing on the highlighted button in the image below. Right click on that scene to rename it. Then left click on the scene to open it.

Set background color

Right click on the background of the game scene, and click on "Scene properties". From there, click on the color selector and drag to select black.

Check game resolution

Open the project manager, and go to the game settings.

Select properties, and make sure your game's resolution is 800 by 600 - or the preferred "Golden Ration" of 800x500

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Ship and Movement Controls