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Selling assets on GDevelop's Asset Store

GDevelop has its own built-in asset store, allowing game creators to access game art directly on the app. By providing easy-to-use and high-quality assets we're allowing creators to get a head start on their video game creation journey.

It contains 2 types of asset packs:

  • Free to use art, accessible to anyone, royalty-free, and open for any type of modification
  • Premium art, carefully selected by the GDevelop team for a more unique game style

This page provides information on how to sell your assets on GDevelop's Asset Store. You can also directly open this form to sell premium assets on GDevelop's store. If we've already contacted us or want to know more, just keep reading!

Asset Pack pricing

The price of every asset pack is defined by its creator. Nevertheless, if the core team thinks that the price of a creator is either too high or too low compared to the average price on the Asset Store, a member of the core team will reach out to the creator to let them know. It is the creator's decision to keep their original price, or if they prefer to adjust it to the market before making it public for purchase.


Please note that if you would like to change the price of the pack afterwards, you will have to get in touch with us.

Revenue sharing

When an asset pack is sold on GDevelop's Asset Store, the purchase is distributed as follows: 27% for government taxes (VAT) and payment provider fees, 40% for the Asset creator, and 33% for GDevelop.


Earnings from GDevelop paying services (including premium licenses) are re-invested in internet hosting fees, engine development, product research, and feature development.

Note that:

  • The VAT and payment providers fees might amount to something larger than 27%. In this case, you still keep 40% and it's us, GDevelop, who will have our margin reduced.
  • A cut of 33% might sound a bit higher than some other stores - but when these stores expressed their percent, they don't mention VAT. So the real percent you are earning is less than what they advertise. For example, if a store says they takes 30%, it does not include the VAT and payment process fee, so you will earn way less than 70% (probably something between 25% and 45% of the total price after VAT and additional fees).
  • An interesting feature of the GDevelop asset store is that it gives ready-to-use objects for creator games. This means the value someone is getting when buying an asset in GDevelop is higher: they get something we prepared as an object ready to be used (no manual work is involved).

Discounts and coupons (coming soon)

Momentary discounts and single-purchase coupons will be available for creators. The following rules apply to prevent marketplace abuse:

  • Discounts and coupons will be valid for a maximum of 31 days, after which they'll automatically expire.
  • Coupons will only be valid to purchase assets from the creator that released the coupon.
  • Only one coupon can be applied to a single asset pack purchase. Creators will always have the choice to participate (or not) in GDevelop discounts like "Black Fridays" or "Cyber Mondays", as well as the packs that they'll make available for those events.

Creator tips (coming soon)

Purchasers will be available to "tip" creators during checkout. After Stripe's service fee, the amount donated by the buyer will go straight to the creator. GDevelop chooses to not take any fee or cut from the creator's tips.


As a creator, you might receive requests for commissions. For instance a user that purchased a pack from you needs additional objects for their project and would like you to create those assets.

Through your Stripe account, you will be able to create invoices for customers and use Stripe's checkout interface to receive your payment. We will soon provide a guide for that purpose.

Transaction Management

GDevelop uses Stripe's Marketplace in order to handle payments. In order to be eligible to sell Asset Packs on the app, you'll need:

  • To be older than 13 years old
  • A valid email
  • An address in your country of residence
  • A bank account in your country of residence

Once your assets have been accepted, GDevelop's team will create a Stripe account for you. You will have to complete your registration with your email address, home address, full name, and bank details. Once you've filled in this information, your Stripe account will be up and running with a purchases dashboard, where you'll be able to follow all your transactions. Payments to your bank account can be scheduled directly on Stripe to happen on a daily basis.


According to Stripe's terms and conditions, users under 18 years old will need the permission of a legal tutor to withdraw their earnings.

Invoices management

GDevelop's Asset Store is built as a marketplace: GDevelop hosts a digital solution that allows users to sell their products (sellers) to users that would like to use them in their projects (buyers).

Here is what happens when a buyer purchases a product on the asset store:

  • GDevelop buys the product from the seller
  • GDevelop resells it to the buyer

From the accounting point of view, the seller should create an invoice addressed to GDevelop. To avoid obliging sellers to create such invoices, GDevelop will create self-billing invoices that you will be able to retrieve.

As a seller, by selling your products on GDevelop's Asset Store, you accept that GDevelop creates self-billing invoices for each purchase of your products.

Asset Pack storage and safety

All Asset Packs are safely stored on GDevelop's cloud. This way we ensure that the files are available for instant purchase and in-app use. Every asset pack has to be uploaded and submitted following GDevelop's art submission standards .

Submitting premium assets

First and foremost, we want to ensure the Asset Store remains a place of high quality and safe for everyone's use. Thus, every asset creator must go through a selection process. If you're an artist and wish to submit your assets to the store, contact us and make sure to send the following information:

  • Name
  • Country of residence
  • Link to your premium pack for revision
  • An introduction about who you are, and what inspired you to create that pack

For this, use this form to sell premium assets on GDevelop's store. Thank you!



If an asset is flagged for infringing copyright after being accepted and uploaded to the store, we reserve the right to remove it and cancel all purchases that have been processed for it.