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Using GDevelop hosting servers, you can export your game for publication on the web. These servers are backed by Amazon's robust services. Sharing your game this way is free, and your game will be available through this link indefinitely!

First make sure you have logged in within GDevelop. To upload to the servers click the publish button in the upper middle section of your screen, and in the exports window click "generate link".

When your link is generated, you'll see it on screen. You can copy and paste this link and share it with people you'd like to play your game. To copy it to your clipboard, click on the clipboard icon that is highlighted in the image below.

This link is currently private, only those you share the link with will be able to play your game.

Publishing on

To post your game publicly on, click on the "publish this build to the game's page" button below the link. is GDevelop's game hosting platform, where free games created with GDevelop can be shared and played.

From here you are given a new link and some new options for sharing your game through social media.


Games published can be promoted on homepage, checkout the Marketing Campaigns!

You can replace the current public build by repeating the steps above, or by clicking "See this game builds" as seen below. Clicking this will show you all versions of your game that you've exported to, and from this screen you can pick which build you'd like to have publicly displayed on

You can also check on and replace the current version of your game with another existing version through your profile. To access your profile click file, in the top left corner of the screen, and then click on "My Profile" in that drop down menu.

Taking your game off

If you want to take your game off of for any reason, you can do that from the game builds menu. Just access the builds menu from your profile of through the export window, and click "Unpublish this build from".

Export to other platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux)

See the other export options to learn how to publish your game on other platforms!

Setup a thumbnail for

A 16:9 ratio thumbnail is highly recommended to your game on, the game will be more attractive.

To set up the thumbnail you can directly add it from the GDevelop application by opening the Project manager and clicking on Icons and thumbnail under Game settings.