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Inventories Reference

Provides actions and conditions to add an inventory to your game, with items in memory. Read more explanations about it.


Add an item
Add an item in an inventory.

Equip an item
Mark an item as being equipped. If the item count is 0, it won't be marked as equipped.

Remove an item
Remove an item from an inventory.

Save an inventory in a scene variable
Save all the items of the inventory in a scene variable, so that it can be restored later.

Set a maximum count for an item
Set the maximum number of the specified item that can be added in the inventory. By default, the number allowed for each item is unlimited.

Set unlimited count for an item
Allow an unlimited amount of an object to be in an inventory. This is the case by default for each item.

Load an inventory from a scene variable
Load the content of the inventory from a scene variable.


Item count
Compare the number of an item in an inventory.

Has an item
Check if at least one of the specified items is in the inventory.

Item equipped
Check if an item is equipped.

Item full
Check if an item has reached its maximum number allowed in the inventory.


Expression Description
Inventory::Count(string, string) Get the number of an item in the inventory
string Inventory name
string Item name
Inventory::Maximum(string, string) Get the maximum of an item in the inventory, or 0 if it is unlimited
string Inventory name
string Item name

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