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Draggable slider (for Shape Painter)

A draggable slider that users can move to select a numerical value.

Authors and contributors to this community extension: D8H, VictrisGames.

Draws a draggable slider that users can move to select a numerical value. The value range, tick spacing, and the appearance of the slider can be defined with properties.

How to use:

  • Add this behavior a Shape Painter object
  • Place an instance of that shape painter on the screen where you want the slider to appear
  • Use the "Value" expression to find the Value based on the position of the slider


  • You can disable the slider to prevent a user from interacting with it
  • You can set the Value of the slider and the slider will move to the correct position

Further details can be found in this tutorial video.

Breaking changes (1.0.0)

  • Track thickness and length properties replaced track width and height. These 2 properties must be set again if they were different from the default size.
  • Hidden sliders can be dragged. The "enable" action must be used to disable them.


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Draggable slider

Let users select a numerical value by dragging a slider.

Behavior actions

Active track color
Change the color of the track that is LEFT of the thumb.

Active track opacity
Change opacity of active track.

Enable interactions
Enable or disable the slider. Users cannot interact while it is disabled.

Halo opacity (hover)
Change the halo opacity when the thumb is hovered.

Halo opacity (pressed)
Change opacity of halo when pressed.

Halo radius
Change radius of the halo around the thumb. This size is also used to detect interaction with the slider.

Inactive track color
Change the color of the track that is RIGHT of the thumb.

Inactive track opacity
Change opacity of inactive track.

Rounded track ends
Make track use rounded ends.

Thumb color
Change the thumb color to a specific value.

Thumb height
Change height of thumb.

Thumb opacity
Change opacity of thumb.

Thumb shape
Change shape of thumb (circle or rectangle).

Thumb width
Change width of thumb.

Tick spacing
Change the tick spacing of a slider.

Track length
Change length of track.

Track thickness
Change thickness of track.

Slider value
Change the value of a slider (this will move the thumb to the correct position).

Slider maximum value
Change the maximum value of a slider.

Slider minimum value
Change the minimum value of a slider.

Behavior conditions

Being dragged
Check if the slider is being dragged.

Interactions enabled
Check if the slider interations are enabled.

Behavior expressions

Expression Description
Object.DraggableSliderControl::ThumbHeight() Height of thumb.
Object.DraggableSliderControl::TickSpacing(number) The tick spacing of a slider.
🔢 Number Tick spacing
Object.DraggableSliderControl::TrackLength() Length of track.
Object.DraggableSliderControl::TrackThickness() Thickness of track.
Object.DraggableSliderControl::Value() The value of the slider (based on position of the thumb).
Object.DraggableSliderControl::ValueMax() The maximum value of a slider.
Object.DraggableSliderControl::ValueMin() The minimum value of a slider.

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