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CrazyGames SDK Extension

This extension allows games to be hosted on the CrazyGames website and display modules in games such as ads, banners, and various functionalities offered by CrazyGames.

Advanced Configurations

Please refer to the CrazyGames SDK documentation to learn how to set up compatible environments for games and to get tips about unwanted scrolling on the game page.

Try the CrazyGames SDK demo

A demo project showcases the features from the CrazyGames SDK in GDevelop. The project can be exported as an HTML5 game, then imported in the QA Tool on CrazyGames website when submitting a new game on their platform.

CrazyGames SDK demo

Open the demo

Display Video Ads

A video ad filling the entire game screen can be displayed using the Display video ad action. An ad can either be "midgame" or "rewarded".

  • Midgame: Show an advertisement when a user dies, a level has been completed, etc.

  • Rewarded: An advertisements that can be requested by the user in exchange for a reward (an additional life, a retry when the user dies, a bonus starting item, extra starting health, etc.). Rewarded ads should be shown when users explicitly consent to watch an advertisement.


When testing your game in CrazyGames' QA Tool, midgame ads won’t work, only the reward ads. You must really submit your game in their Developer environment. After this, test again in the QA Tool. The ads should now work. This is the only way to test midgame ads ads in your game.

You can use the Video ad just finished playing condition to resume the game after the end of the ad.


Request a Banner

Ads banners can be placed with X and Y position and use a part of the game screen according to some static dimensions such as: 728x90, 300x250, 320x50, 468x60, 320x100.


A banner can be called only once per 60 seconds. If a banner is called before the delay, an error is returned in the debugger.

Clearing the Banners

There are two possible actions for clearing banners:

  • Delete a banner by its name.
  • Delete all the banners in game.


Happy Time

Celebrate a special moment in the game with some sparkling confetti. Celebrate the defeat of a boss, reaching a new high score, or something big.

Tracking Users

Some actions or events are triggered automatically and can be used to track when and how users are playing your games. You can get the stats directly on the CrazyGames game dashboard.

  • The Gameplay Start action has to be called whenever the player starts playing or resumes playing after a break (menu/loading/achievement screen, game paused, etc.).

  • The Gameplay Stop action has to be called on every game break (entering a menu, switching levels, pausing the game, etc.). Don't forget to call the Gameplay Start when the gameplay resumes.

Invite Button

Display on CrazyGames website a popup containing the invite link with a copy button. This is very useful in a multiplayer game to give a friend the possibility to join a session quickly.

Return a URL to invite friends to join your game session. This URL can be added to the clipboard or displayed in the game to let the user select it.



Learn more about all the events from the extension on the reference page.