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CrazyGames SDK v2

Allow games to be hosted on CrazyGames website and display ads.

Authors and contributors to this community extension: planktonfun, Bouh, ZachjuKamashi, lhphr.

Please refer to CrazyGames' guide to know when to call the different actions.

The SDK is automatically loaded on CrazyGames domains, but can be forced with the action of the same name if it fail.



Learn how to install new extensions by following a step-by-step guide.


Display a banner
Display a banner that can be called once per 60 seconds.

Display video ad
Display a video ad. The game is automatically muted while the video is playing.

Display happy time
Display an happy time by emitting sparkling confetti. The celebration should remain a special moment.

Generate an invite link
Generate an invite link to invite friends to join your game sessions. This URL can be added to the clipboard or displayed in the game to let the user select it.

Hide all banners
Hide all banners.

Hide a banner
Hide a banner.

Hide invite button
Hide the invite button.

Display invite button
Display an invite button.

Load SDK
Load CrazyGames SDK.

Scan for adblockers
Scan for adblockers.

Gameplay started
Let CrazyGames know gameplay started.

Gameplay stopped
Let CrazyGames know gameplay stopped.

Loading started
Let CrazyGames know loading started.

Loading stopped
Let CrazyGames know loading stopped.


Video ad just finished playing
Checks if a video ad just finished playing successfully.

Ad blocker is detected
Check if user is using an ad blocker. This condition is always false before the "Scan for adblockers" is called.

CrazyGames SDK is ready
Check if the CrazyGames SDK is ready to be used.

Video ad is playing
Checks if a video ad is playing.


Expression Description
CrazyGamesAdApi::InviteLink(string) Return an invite link.
string Room id

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