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Platforms Validation

Checks if the game is currently executed on an allowed platform (for web).

Authors and contributors to this community extension: Oxey405.


Checks if your web game is being played on a platform your intended to publish on. Some web game platforms may steal your game to publish it on their own without your knowledge or consent! This extension is here to check if the game is being played from a platform you intended! You can for example prevents users from playing your game on a platform that republished it without your consent.

How to use

An authorized platform is a domain name of a website where the game is supposed to run, for example : 1. You can get the current domain where the game is being played by using getReferrer() 2. You can add an authorized platform domain name (it's recommended to do this at the beginning of the scene) 3. You can then check if the game is running on an authorized platform and make the game react accordingly


Download an example here.



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Add a valid platform
Adds a new valid platform (domain name where the game is expected to be played, for example,


Is the game running on an authorized platform
Checks if the game is executed on an authorized platform (preferably, run this only once at beginning of the game).


Expression Description
AuthorizedPlatformsValidation::CurrentRefferer() Get the referrer's location (the domain of the website that hosts your game).

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