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Linked Objects

Actions and conditions of "Linked Objects" category allow us to make virtual connections between objects. We can later reference them by their links to each other. Typically, you can only link two objects when creating them.


You can also use a “For each object” event to take each instance of an object individually, and create links to other objects. Learn more about the "For each object" event by visiting this page about For each event.


Some of the conditions of Linked Objects are available as both, conditions as well as actions. Conditions will be considered as false if no object is picked. If you don't want this behavior, use their action counterparts.

This action creates links between the object(s) in the first parameter and the object(s) in the second parameter.

Take into account linked objects

There is both an action and a condition called "Take into account linked objects".

This action scans through the objects in the first parameters and for each one, if there is a link registered from it to any of the objects in the second parameter, they will be picked for the next actions. After executing this action, the actions that are executed next (as well as the subevents) will only execute on the objects that were picked.

The condition works the same in all cases, except if no object was picked (i.e: no object in the first parameter had a link to any object in the second parameter). In such a case, the condition will be false.

This action removes all links to the specified object(s). They won't be virtually linked to any other objects.

This action removes the links between the given pair of objects.


In this example, for every existing "Pathfinder" object, a new "Terrain" object is created. This creation and linking step only needs to be performed one time. The bottom event is run every frame and will cause the "Terrain" objects to always follow the "Pathfinder" object they are linked to.


See it in action! 🎮

Open these examples online.


Open example in GDevelop

Pin objects

Open example in GDevelop


The Sticker behavior also allows to pin objects.

Basic artificial intelligence

Open example in GDevelop


To see more advance usages, take a look at the Linked Objects Tools extension page


All actions, conditions and expressions are listed in the linked objects reference page.