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Provides conversion tools for Ascii and Unicode characters.

Authors and contributors to this community extension: Ahnaf30e.

Adds expressions to convert text to a binary representation and back. The UnicodeConversion::ReverseUnicode(string, range, base) string expression can be used for basic obfuscation of data.


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Expression Description
UnicodeConversion::ReverseUnicode(string, number, number) Reverses the unicode of a string with a base.
string String to reverse
🔢 Number Base of the reverse (Default: 2)
🔢 Number Range of unicode characters (Put 16 here to support the most characters if you put 2 in the base)
UnicodeConversion::TextToUnicode(string, number, string) Converts a string into unicode representation with a base.
string The string to convert to unicode
🔢 Number Base
string Seperator text (Optional)
UnicodeConversion::UnicodeToText(string, number, string) Converts a unicode representation into String with a base.
string The unicode to convert to String
🔢 Number Base
string Seperator text (Optional)

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