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Create multiple copies of an object

Select the object, choose the number of rows and columns, the spacing between rows and columns, the top left starting point, the layer to create the objects on, and the z-order of the objects.

Authors and contributors to this community extension: VictrisGames.

This extension can be used to create multiple copies of an object in a wide variety of arrangements, including:

  • horizontal row(s)
  • vertical column(s)
  • a solid rectangle or square
  • an evenly spaced grid
  • a grid with different spacing between rows and columns

After the objects are created, you can reference their object variables to manage the objects:

  • RowID: what horizontal row does this object reside in,
  • ColumnID: what vertical column does this object reside in,
  • CreationID: starting top-left, and proceeding from left to right, what is the number of the created object,
  • BatchID: optional identifier assigned to all objects created

Watch this tutorial video to see examples of how to use this extension.


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