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Resource bar

Learn about UI objects with this video tutorial

Add a resource bar to a game

The Resource Bars asset pack from the asset store contains free and ready-to-use resource bars.

Resource Bars asset pack

Create a resource bar from scratch

A resource bar can also be created from scratch. There are 2 kinds of resource bars:

  • one with icons that are repeated
  • one that fills with a texture

Create a bar with icons

Bars with icons need 3 images:

  • a filled icon
  • an empty icon
  • a background (optional)

This is an example with a background:

and without a background:

Make sure to fill the "Unit width" with the dimension of the icon plus the margin (if any).

Open example in GDevelop

Create a continuous bar

Bars with icons need 3 images for:

  • a filled bar
  • a buffer bar (optional)
  • a background

The buffer keeps the old value until no damage happens. This is useful to catch the attention of players and let them know they are losing a lot of heath. It's common on versus fighting games.

This is an example with a buffer:

and without a buffer:

Open example in GDevelop

Update a bar according to a character life

The "Value" action allows to change the value displayed by the bar. Here, the bar value is set to the player health using the Health behavior.