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Dungeon generator

Create a procedurally generated dungeon. Includes two layouts: "rooms and hallways" and "dungeon cave".

Authors and contributors to this community extension: VictrisGames, oscuridad666.

How to use:

  • Run the "Generate Dungeon Cave" or "Generate Dungeon with Rooms" action at the beginning of a scene.


  • Keep the amount of space used by room objects to less than ~25% of the total map. If you add too many rooms, they will not be placed correctly and might collide with other rooms.
  • Try using top-down controls combined with physics behavior (with no gravity) on the player and wall objects
  • Use external layouts to place pre-designed rooms on randomly created room objects
  • Use "Delete Unused Terrain" option to reduce resources used
  • Use "RoomID(object)" expression to determine the starting and ending room
  • Use "NeighborCount(object)" expression to find good places to place treasure. A high amount of neighbors means that the tile is a nook or cranny.
  • Use "IsRoomEntrance" condition to identify hallway objects that are adjacent to a room

An example shows how to procedurally generate dungeons or caves (open the project online).



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Calculate the number of grid neighbors around an object
Calculate the number of grid neighbors around an object. Use "NeighborCount(Object)" expression to retrieve this value.

Generate a dungeon cave
Generate a dungeon cave using a random walk algorithm. When the walker touches an edge of the map, it is moved back to the center of map.

Generate a dungeon with room and hallways
Generate a dungeon by placing rooms in random locations and moving them if they collide with each other. Rooms are connected with hallways.


Hallway is a room entrance
Check if hallway is a room entrance.


Expression Description
DungeonGenerator::NeighborCount(object) Number of grid neighbors of an object. Requires running the "CalculateGridNeighbors" action before using this expression.
👾 Object Object
DungeonGenerator::RoomID(object) The numerical order this room was created. (Range: 1 to total number of rooms).
👾 Object Room object

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