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Publish your game to the Amazon App Store

After building your game with Android (either using the one-click build for Android or the manual process with Cordova for advanced users), you can publish it on the Amazon App Store.

Create your Amazon App Store Developer account

Go to the Developer Consoleand click Sign In in the upper-right corner. If you have an Amazon Account you can use it to sign to the Amazon Developer section, else create your account.

Next open the Dashboard page for your account, click on the Apps & Services > Add your app and publish in the market place > Add new app > Android

Package your game

Package your game as explained in the documentation. In the end, you'll have a Download button to get the .apk file that can be installed on Android. Download this APK and keep it somewhere on your computer.

Create the app and fill in the app details

After you click on Android, a New App Submission page appears for you to enter basic information about your app.

In the next stages of information, you will have to fill the following stages

Enter the details of Availability and pricing

Click Save, on the next page add the Description of the app

Follow the next stages and don't forget to add screenshots and promo graphics.

Upload the game .apk file

In the last stage, add your .apk file After submitting the app, and clicking on Save. You get the following option

If you want to test your app, choose Test Your App, it will redirect you to a page where you can perform the step by step guidelines to test your app.