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Mobile In-App Purchase (experimental)

Add items to buy directly in your game ("In-App Purchase"), for games published on Android or iOS.

Authors and contributors to this community extension: arthuro555, 4ian.

To set up In App Purchase, you'll need a developer account on Google Play Console or Apple App Store Connect. You will also need real phones/devices to test IAP, because emulators are not supported.

It's highly recommended to read the help page to begin.

⚠️ In-App Purchase will only work after you exported your game and uploaded it to Google Play Console or Apple App Store Connect, at least in a testing track.

The general worflow is the following:

  • Register your products on the Google Play Console or App Store Connect,
  • In your game, register the same products using the action "Register an item",
  • Call the action to finalize the store registration,
  • Wait for "the store is ready" condition to be true,
  • Get the items data to know what to display (in particular the price of each items),
  • Display the price and available items in your game,
  • Register a variable that will be updated when an item purchase is approved (and other variables for when other things happen),
  • When the player clicks on an item, use the action to order it,
  • If the purchase is approved (the variable you set up is set to true), give the user what they bought



Learn how to install new extensions by following a step-by-step guide.


Finalize registration
Finalize store registration. Do this after registering every product and before ordering or getting information about a product.

Load item data in a variable
Get all the data about an item from the IAP provider and store it into a structure variable.

Order an item
Opens the purchase menu to let the user buy an item.

Be sure to have registered the item ID before and finalized the registration. You also need to use the condition to check if the store is ready before using this action.

Register an item
Register an item of your store. This is required to do for all items you want to display or order from the app.

Make sure you register them all and finalize registration before ordering an item.

Update a variable when an item event is triggered
When an event is triggered for an item (approved or finished), this sets a scene variable to true.
You can then compare the value of the variable in a condition, and have actions launched to react to the changes.


Check if item is owned
Returns true if the item with ID is owned, false otherwise. (can return false until the store is initialized).

Store is ready
Triggers after finalizing the registration, when items can be used (you can get data of an item like the price, you can use the action to order an item...).

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