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Mobile In-App Purchase (experimental)

Add items to buy directly in your game ("In-App Purchase"), for games published on Android or iOS.

Authors and contributors to this community extension: arthuro555, 4ian.

To set up In App Purchase, you'll need a developer account on Google Play Console or Apple App Store Connect. You will also need real phones/devices to test IAP, because emulators are not supported.

It's highly recommended to read the help page to begin.

⚠️ In-App Purchase will only work after you exported your game and uploaded it to Google Play Console or Apple App Store Connect, at least in a testing track.

The general worflow is the following:

  • Register your products on the Google Play Console or App Store Connect,
  • In your game, register the same products using the action "Register an item",
  • Call the action to finalize the store registration,
  • Wait for "the store is ready" condition to be true,
  • Get the items data to know what to display (in particular the price of each items),
  • Display the price and available items in your game,
  • Register a variable that will be updated when an item purchase is approved (and other variables for when other things happen),
  • When the player clicks on an item, use the action to order it,
  • If the purchase is approved (the variable you set up is set to true), give the user what they bought,
  • Mark the purchase as completed for the user to be charged the money



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