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How to reduce the size of your game

It's important to keep as lightweight as possible, especially on mobile phones:

  • A smaller game will be faster to download
  • Storage needed for your game will be less important, so the player will have less incentive to remove it.
  • Game will run faster if images and textures are not too large.

The first and most important contributing factor to the size of your game is the size of your asset files: sounds, musics and images:

  • For images, make sure to use a resolution (width and height in pixels) that is not larger than what is needed. Avoid anything larger than 2048x2048 pixels it can be not rendered correctly on mobiles due to hardware limitation. In general, stay below 512x512, and most elements can be between 10 and 200 pixels.
  • To reduce the disk usage of your images, use a compression program or a website like or
  • For musics and sounds, make sure to use a compressed format like mp3 instead of wav for musics. Compress your musics by reducing the bitrate if necessary. Consider having music around 1mb.