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Array tools

A collection of utilities and tools for working with arrays.

Authors and contributors to this community extension: arthuro555.

Note: This extension is currently made in JavaScript instead of the event sheet as variables cannot be passed to events based functions yet. Due to this hack, the extension only works on root scene variables, not on child variables or non-scene variables.

This extension adds features like:

  • Combining arrays (concatenate into new array, append all children to another array)
  • Finding a value in an array (find index expression, contains condition)
  • Reversing arrays
  • Get a portion of an array (slice)
  • Add and remove lots of children at specific indices at once (fill, splice, shift, pop, add at index)
  • Randomness (shuffle children, get a random child)
  • Mathematical operations using arrays (sum of all numbers, biggest/smallest number, average number, median number)
  • Sort numbers in an array
  • String inter-operation (split string into array, join array array children to string)


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