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Open a game made with GDevelop 4

GDevelop 5 is based on the same engine as GDevelop 4 and games are compatible. You must still ensure that:

  • Your GDevelop 4 game is based on the HTML5 platform. Native games are not supported for now by GDevelop 5.
  • A few extensions/features are still not supported in GDevelop 5.

To open your game with GDevelop 5, open it with GDevelop 4 and save it in a json file:

  • In the ribbon menu, choose File > Save as....
  • Choose a folder, then enter a filename finishing by .json. For example:

Click on Save. You can now open this file with GDevelop 5.

Make sure to check that everything is working before continuing to create your game with GDevelop 5.