Install GDevelop on a lot of machines in your company or university

GDevelop is available for all major operating systems, including the latest versions of Windows, macOS, and Linux. To download GDevelop, visit

If you're trying to install GDevelop on a large number of machines, you probably want to script the installation. Here are a few tips from the community.

If you're a regular, single user of GDevelop, read the Getting Started page instead to begin using GDevelop.

On Windows

The installer is based on NSIS, so you can find online resources to use it from a script. For example, it can be run silently.

We recommend installing it “system-wide” (i.e: for all users). Each user will have their own preferences.

You can create a Powershell script:

On macOS

GDevelop can be run after copying it in the /Applications folder.


You should be able to install GDevelop using the provided AppImage or the Flatpak available on Flathub.

Your contribution to this page is welcome to add more details according to your experience (links to scripts, etc…).