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Screenshot extension

This extension lets you save a screenshot of the running game in a specified folder.


Take screenshot

Use this action to save a screenshot of everything which is currently drawn on the game window into a png file.


Save path: The file path where the screenshot should be saved.

The save path needs to be an absolute path on the file system (Like “C:\MyFolder\MyScreenshot.png” on Windows)'

Relative paths are not supported.

In order to create a game that runs on all supported platforms you should use the special folders from the file system extension in combination with the path separator. These determine the path to common folders like Pictures, Documents or Desktop automatically. You can read more about it in this article.


This path:

FileSystem::PicturesPath() + FileSystem::PathDelimiter() + "my_screenshot.png"

This will save the screenshot to the Pictures folder on Windows, Linux and MacOS.