List of websites where you can find sprites, music, sound effects for your games and game examples, templates, 3rd party libraries and tools to help you with game development.

Game Examples and Templates



Images & Photos

Sound and Music


Mixed content of Sprite, Music and Sound

Animation software

Image editing and drawing

Vector graphics editing

Pixel art creation

Other graphics and animation tools

Audio editing and creation

  • Audacity (Free - Audio editing and converting)
  • Bfxr (Free - Procedural sound effects)
  • Acapela Box (Paid - Text to Voice converter)
  • Balabolka (Free - Text to Voice converter)
  • Vocaloid (Paid - Text to Voice converter, Virtual singer)

Other useful tools

JavaScript libraries

More resources from the legacy wiki

The GDevelop 4 Wiki also has an extensive list of resources and tools, which is still to be incorporated in this wiki (login and edit if you feel like doing it).

Resources for download:

Useful software: