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Geometry Monster

Welcome to the Geometry Monster game tutorial. In this series of articles you will learn how to create a hyper-casual game suitable for mobile devices.

From creating the main character and animating it, through adding controls and collectible objects, to collision detection, tracking the score and having multiple lives. We will also implement multiple scenes including main menu and gameplay, sound effects, and difficulty level that increase over time.

Table Of Contents

This tutorial uses the new action/condition editor! If you already have GDevelop installed, go to GDevelop preferences (Click on the “File” menu or “GDevelop 5” on macOS), then “Preferences”. Activate “Use the new action/condition editor”. You can then go back to the tutorial. Click here to see examples of each editor mode.
More bonus chapters to add new features to the game will be added! Be sure to check again this page soon.

Get the sources

Get the sources of the Geometry Monster game containing all the images you need to finish the game, and the final project's json file if you'd like to check everything yourself.

Play the game

You can also try the game and play it online right now if you're curious of the gameplay - it can be launched by visiting geometry.enclavegames.com.