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 ## Table Of Contents ## Table Of Contents
-<note tip>This tutorial uses the new action/condition editor! If you already have GDevelop installed, go to GDevelop preferences (Click on the "File" menu or "GDevelop 5" on macOS), then "Preferences". Activate "Use the new action/condition editor". You can then go back to the tutorial. [[gdevelop5:tutorials:change-event-editor-mode|Click here to see examples of each editor mode.]] 
-{{ :gdevelop5:tutorials:geometry-monster:activate_new_editor.png?nolink |}} 
 1. [[gdevelop5:tutorials:geometry-monster:1-install-and-setup|Install and setup]] 1. [[gdevelop5:tutorials:geometry-monster:1-install-and-setup|Install and setup]]
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 13. [[gdevelop5:tutorials:geometry-monster:13-juice-it|Juice it!]] 13. [[gdevelop5:tutorials:geometry-monster:13-juice-it|Juice it!]]
-<note tip>More bonus chapters to add new features to the game will be added! Be sure to check again this page soon.</note> 
 ## Get the sources ## Get the sources