How to make a Turn based game

This tutorial will help you to begin using GDevelop. You will create a very simple turn based game where both the players will use their spells and attacks for the survival of the fittest!

GDevelop 5]]**
- **Install** and run it. \\ 
If everything went OK, you should land on this window.

{{ :gdevelop5:tutorials:fire-and-ice:get_started_download.png

In case you run into errors during installation, refer to this link.

Start your project

  • Create a new game
    • Click on create a new project.
    • Choose Empty game.
    • Download Resources.
    • Extract downloaded resources into the game folder.
  • Add a scene

Each different screen of your game is a scene. Scenes contain objects, meaning everything that you will be adding into your game; Coins, Enemies, Obstacles turn into an object. Scenes will also contain events that are run to animate the scene.

  • On your project manager(window on the left), click on the + button under “Scenes”
  • A new scene called “NewScene” is added to the list. Click on it.

Your screen should look like this by now.

Start building the game

We shall now create our main elements of the game. As talked about earlier, these elements will become objects. Our Wizards will have animations for → Idle State, Attack State, Dead State.
Proceed to create our wizards!

Add Animation

  • Click on the + button on the right side(That's the objects editor!).

  • Click on Sprite.
  • Rename to “FireWizard” (We'll be using Camel case in this tutorial).
  • Click on + to add the animation.
  • Add image(s) idle1.png through idle4.png
  • Change “Don't Loop” to “Loop”
  • The timer should stay at 0.08(Frame-skip time), Try experimenting with different numbers and previewing them to understand how it works!
  • Rename Animation to “Idle”

Add Behavior

  • Move over to “Behaviors” Tab, Click on the + button to add behavior.
  • Choose Top-down movement.
  • Uncheck all tick-mark boxes.(Diagonals,Default controls,Rotate object)
  • ChangeAcceleration = Deceleration = 1500. (To change how fast they would move)

We have now defined our FireWizard object and the Idle State Animation, as well as its behavior. We shall replicate the “Add animation” steps for adding Attack State and also Dead State(This animation won't loop!). I am confident you will be able to do it on your own now. Anyhow, the screenshot below should help you in case you get stuck!

Click on APPLY and our FireWizard is done! We shall move ahead with the IceWizard and other UI elements next!

→The next part of the tutorial, click here!