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 +metatag-title=(GDevelop Documentation)
 +metatag-keywords=(GDevelop, game, making, app, nocode, open source, game creator, easy game engine) 
 +metatag-description=(Open-Source and Codingless Game Creator.)
 +metatag-og:title=(GDevelop Documentation)
 +metatag-og:description=(Open-Source and Codingless Game Creator.)
 +# GDevelop 5
 +GDevelop is a free, open-source, and cross-platform game creation tool that anyone can use to create games *without* programming skills. This wiki contains everything you need to know to create games with GDevelop — even if you've never created a game before.
 +## Next steps
 +* [[https://gdevelop.io|Download GDevelop]] and read the [[gdevelop5:getting_started|Getting Started]] guide.
 +* If you've never made a game before, read the [[gdevelop5:tutorials:basic-game-making-concepts|Basic game making concepts]] guide.
 +* If you're ready to start making a game, watch the [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bR2BjT7JG0k&list=PL3YlZTdKiS89Kj7IQVPoNElJCWrjZaCC8|Official Intro Tutorial Video Series]] or [[gdevelop5:tutorials|browse the tutorials]].