This feature has been removed from GDevelop. This page exists purely for legacy reasons.

Package your game for Ubuntu Touch OpenStore

This guide will explain the process of packaging your game for Ubuntu Touch as a Click package that can be uploaded to OpenStore.

Please note: This guide is only for the mobile operating system “Ubuntu Touch”. If you intend to release for Ubuntu on desktop please see Publish your game to Windows, macOS and Linux.

Export the game

First of all you need to export your game as HTML5 into a folder on your hard drive, as described in Manually export your game as a HTML5 game on your computer

Turn your game into a Click package

The Click package is created using the command-line tool “clickable” that can be installed either via python-pip or as a deb package for Ubuntu / Linux Mint or AUR. This article on the Clickable - Wiki will describe the details.

With clickable installed open a terminal window and create an empty folder for your clickable project. cd into the directory you just created and run the following command to generate an HTML project from a template (you might have to run this as root):

clickable create

A wizzard appears that guides you through the process of creating a project. When you get asked for the type of project to create, choose:

  [4] html – HTML App 

Next fill out the name of your game, the description, license, etc.

In the generated project folder delete everything inside the “www” folder

Copy the whole content of the folder in which you exported your game from GDevelop5 into the now empty “www” folder.

cd into the clickable project folder that got created and run the following commands in the terminal to build your click package:

  clickable build
  clickable click-build

You can find the generated click package inside the folder named “build”.

Optional: To check if the package is valid, run:

  clickable review 

You can now install the click package on your Ubuntu Touch phone by using the UT Tweak Tool to test if it runs without issues. You can install the App directly from OpenStore.

Start UT Tweak tool and open the “hamburger menu” located in the top left and open “System” settings.

After the installation, your game will appear on the App launcher screen. If you want to uninstall it again, tab the icon for two seconds and choose “remove”.

When you are satisfied with the game upload it to OpenStore