Text object

Text objects display text on screen. You can customize text properties (for example, size or colour) upon creation. You can also modify text object properties during gameplay using events.

Text Object properties

Default text

You can set the text displayed by the object using the central text field:


Use the size field to set the default font size of the text:


The color of the text can be changed by clicking on the palette color square :

Font and text style

You can choose from bold and italic. A custom font can also be set for the text:

File format must be TTF or OFT.

Additional effects

  • You can create gradients using the events none|

Choose an available gradient type from the list and select up to four colors.

* You can set a Shadow using events:

When changing the shadow, you can choose the color, distance, blur, and angle. This can also be used to create a glow effect with bright colors.

  • Opacity of the object can be changed:

  • Scaling of the object can be changed:

There are three options: “Scale” (constrains proportions to scale on both X and Y axis), “Scale on X axis” (width), and “Scale on Y axis” (height).

Other styles

Using events, you can modify other properties:

  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Padding
  • Alignment
  • Wrapping
  • Wrapping Width

In events

You can manipulate most properties of a text during the game using events. For example, here is an event changing the size of text font: