External layouts

An external layout can be used to create a layout of objects, just as in a scene editor. The objects can be then dynamically inserted in a scene using the actions in the External layouts category.

This can be useful to :

  • Create entire levels in different external layouts, and then load them into the scene containing the game
  • Create complex layout of objects (for example, a fleet of spaceships) and then insert them into a scene.

Creating an external layout

1. To begin creating an external layout, open the project manager panel, Click on the External layouts section to expand it.

2. Click on Click to add an external layout to create an entry.

3. Click on it to open.

4. On the Choose the associated scene window, select the scene the layout should be based on. This allows that scenes objects to be available for building the layout.

5. Now the objects can be added to the layout as desired. E.g. level design.

Creating the layout in a scene

You can create a layout using the Create objects from an external layout action.

1. Enter the name of the layout inside double quotes(“<Name of External Layout>”)

2. You can add the X and Y position of the origin of the layout. Setting this value to anything other than 0x, 0y is treated as an offset for objects of the external layout. e.g. An object is at 100x, 100y in the external layout sheet. When creating the objects in the scene, the origin point of 50,50 is selected. This object is then offset and created at 150x, 150y.

The layout is created in the scene when you run the project,