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Events editor

When you open a Scene or any External events, the Scene Events editor is presented on the tab above the opening window.

The Events Editor is where you add the events that create the actual gameplay. It allows the game players to play and interact with your game. The Events editor is a tool that gives you the power to visually program your game. You do not need to have any programming or coding experience. Anyone can make a game in GDevelop!

To switch between the Scene editor and the Event editor you use the tabs at the top of the window.

When you switch to the Events editor, you will see that the toolbar has changed. Now there are a different set of tools available:

Add event

Add an event by clicking the “add event” button

When you click this button a blank event will appear on the screen below in the editor

You can add any number of event blocks to the Event editor. Each event can have various conditions and actions. Once you add an event, you can use the conditions and actions to create the game's logic. Learn more about events, on this page: Events.

Add sub event

By clicking the add sub-event button, you can add a “child event” block to the selected event.

After clicking the button, a blank sub event appears below our selected event.

Sub events are executed only if the parent event's condition(s) are true. Sub events provide a way to avoid repeating the same conditions. They make the logic much easier to read.

Add a comment

By clicking the add comment button, you can add comments to events. Comments help us to remember what the events do.

Comments are an important part of any game or application. They help you to organize and remember exactly what the event and action logic is accomplishing.

Add special events

By clicking the add an event button, along with the ones we already mentioned, we have access to some special events.

Read the help about events to learn more.

Delete selected events

By clicking the Delete selected events button, events selected will be removed from the sheet (you can also press Delete key):

Undo/Redo changes

Any change can be undone or applied again with these buttons (or the usual shortcuts):

Search in events

The search in events button opens a panel on the bottom on the screen so you can search for a specific term in the parameters of the conditions and actions. You can also enter a replacement and replace all the occurence of the term in the events.