Rectangular Movement

Allow an object to move in a rectangular pattern.

Authors and contributors to this community extension: 4ian, VictrisGames.

Allow an object to move in a rectangular pattern. By default, movement will slow down when going around corners, but this can be changed to always use a constant speed.

Example uses:

  • Moveable platforms
  • Enemy movement patterns


  • Center of movement, X position
  • Center of movement, Y position
  • Horizontal distance
  • Vertical distance
  • Horizontal speed
  • Vertical speed
  • Use constant speed (object will not slow down at corners)
  • Use counter-clockwise direction


  • Set the CenterX and CenterY values to move the object
  • For horizontal movement only, set vertical distance to 0
  • For vertical movement only, set horizontal distance to 0
  • Use conditions to apply logic based on the direction the object is moving. For example, setting the animation.

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