Make objects orbit around a center object

Make objects orbit around a center object. You can customize the number of objects, speed, etc…

Authors and contributors to this community extension: VictrisGames, VegeTato.

Run the provided action (on every frame, i.e: without a condition) to make the orbiting objects move. The extension will take care of creating/deleting orbiting objects to match the quantity specified. Use the delete function or set the quantity to 0 to remove orbiting objects.

The customizable parameters include:

  • Which center object to use
  • Orbiting object (cannot be the same object used for the Center object)
  • Quantity of orbiting objects
  • Distance from the center object
  • Speed of the orbiting objects (in degrees per second). Use negative numbers to orbit counter-clockwise.
  • Speed to rotate each orbiting object (in degrees per second). Use negative numbers to rotate counter-clockwise.

Example uses:

  • Make shield objects around the player to protect from enemies
  • Weapons that can damage enemies when they collide
  • Can be used on both player and NPC objects
  • A visual indicator of ammo quantity or health points
  • Interesting animations that can function as a single entity (try using short orbit distances)
  • Visual cue for an active character power-up, such as invincibility

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