Camera Shake

Shake the camera on the specified layer using one or more methods of shaking (position, angle, zoom).

Authors and contributors to this community extension: VictrisGames, fuzzy.

Ideal for explosions, hit/impacts, earthquake, etc.

Select one or more methods of shaking:

  • Position: Shake the X and/or Y position of the camera
  • Angle: Shake the rotation of the camera
  • Zoom: Shake the zoom level of the camera

Control how the camera shakes:

  • Amplitude: How far the camera moves during each shake
  • Duration: Amount of time to shake the camera
  • Time between shakes: Amount of time between each change of the movement of the camera
  • Keep shaking until stopped (boolean)


  • For a single-shake effect, set the “Time between shakes” to be equal to “Duration” (great for a hit or impact)
  • To make the single-shake move in the opposite direction, use negative numbers
  • To repeat a single-shake effect in a loop, add a condition “Camera is not shaking” - Use a long “Time between shakes” to simulate a slow moving object (like a ship rocking back and forth)
  • Make sure to “Stop shaking” before starting a new shake if it uses different parameters.
  • Use “Shake until stopped” to simulate engine vibration, earthquake, or pulsing

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