Array tools

A collection of utilities and tools for working with arrays.

Authors and contributors to this community extension: arthuro555.

Note: This extension is currently made in JavaScript instead of the event sheet as variables cannot be passed to events based functions yet. Due to this hack, the extension **only works on root scene variables**, not on child variables or non-scene variables.

This extension adds features like:

  • Combining arrays (concatenate into new array, append all children to another array)
  • Finding a value in an array (find index expression, contains condition)
  • Reversing arrays
  • Get a portion of an array (slice)
  • Add and remove lots of children at specific indices at once (fill, splice, shift, pop, add at index)
  • Randomness (shuffle children, get a random child)
  • Mathematical operations using arrays (sum of all numbers, biggest/smallest number, average number, median number)
  • Sort numbers in an array
  • String inter-operation (split string into array, join array array children to string)

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