Link events

Special Event Description

Link events are placeholders for events. They allow to reuse events at multiple places in your game (most of the time in multiple scenes) or just to divide a large sheet of events into multiple sheets.

Links indicate to GDevelop that events must be inserted at the position of the Link. These events are coming from External Events, which can be created in the Project Manager.

External events are useful to help separate the logic of your game into multiple event sheets. They also provide a good way to share common events between your scenes

If you want to do reuse events for an object or a specific feature, you will be interested in creating an extension with actions, conditions or even new behaviors.

When adding a Link event, click on “<Enter the name of external events>” to have a drop-down menu displayed where you can choose the external events that you'd like to be included. For example, this is a Link to the external event sheet called “EnemiesManagement” :

External events are listed in the Project Manager:

External events can be edited like events from a scene.

Adding special events to the project is completed the same way as adding a standard event, as described here.


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