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GDevelop Documentation

GDevelop allows you to simply and quickly create your own video games.
Just fire up the editor and start creating, no programming knowledge required!

Getting started with GDevelop

To start using GDevelop, read the Getting Started page and the Tutorials.
You can also open the examples and templates provided with GDevelop or refer to this online help when needed.


Table of Contents


Using the editors

Built-in features and official extensions

Publishing games

* [[gdevelop:documentation:manual:distribution:compilation|Compile your native game]]
* [[gdevelop:documentation:manual:native_android_export|Export your native game to Android (experimental)]]
* [[gdevelop:tutorials:howtodistribute|Export your HTML5 game]]
* [[gdevelop:tutorials:howtoexportwithcocos2dx|Export your HTML5 game to Android/iOS/Mac/Windows using Cocos2d (experimental)]]


About GDevelop


If you experience problems using this software, please let us know by posting on the dedicated Forum or send an email to CompilGames@gmail.com. Before you do that, please read this documentation carefully and search on the forum if the issue is not already reported.

Read our copyright disclaimer in the License section.